Hotel de Hollande
4, rue Massabielle
05 62 94 29 18

Hôtel de Hollande *** in Lourdes

Good food and a warm welcome in the Hautes-Pyrénées !

Hotel de Hollande ***

Guy and Muriel would love to welcome you to their charming hotel minutes from Saint Frai Hospital near the Sanctuary.

The food at Hôtel Hollande is well-loved by pilgrims, volunteers and stretcher-bearers.

Everyone praises the excellent service provided by the team, the great atmosphere throughout your stay and the pleasure of dining at the restaurant.

Because it’s pretty unique here!

In and around Lourdes

We recommend you experience, taste and make the most of the lovely rooms during your stay with your family, group or diocese.

If you have a little free time outside the visiting the sanctuary, you could explore Lourdes and its surroundings: the fortress on a rocky peak housing the Musée Pyrénéen, the Pic du Jer and its panoramic views of the valleys and Pyrenees, the golf course and Lourdes Lake for peace and quiet and of course, the famous Bétharram Caves.

French pilgrimages trust us:

Albi, Angouleme, Annecy, Autun, Avignon, Bayonne, Besançon, Blois, Bourges, Brest, Cambrais, Coutance, St Denis, St Etienne, Langres, Laval, La Rochelle, Marseille, Montfortain, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Quimper, Rennes, Sees, Tour, Valence, Vannes.

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